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What Is Quantum Computing? Easy Explanation

It’s fascinating to think about the power in our pocket today’s smartphones have the computing power of a military computer from 50 years ago that was the size of an entire room. However, even with the phenomenal strides we made in technology and classical computers since the onset of the computer revolution, there remain problems that classical computers just can’t solve. Many believe quantum computers are the answer. Now that we have made the switching and memory units of c

Scientists Confirm Promise Of Silicon For Quantum Computing

For the first time, researchers have measured the accuracy of two-qubit logic operations in silicon, an advance that may help develop full-scale quantum processor. All quantum computations can be made up of one-qubit operations and two-qubit operations, which are the central building blocks of quantum computing. In 2015, researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia were the first to build a quantum logic gate in silicon, making calculations between two

Generating high-quality single photons for quantum computing

MIT researchers have designed a way to generate, at room temperature, more single photons for carrying quantum information. The design, they say, holds promise for the development of practical quantum computers. Quantum emitters generate photons that can be detected one at a time. Consumer quantum computers and devices could potentially leverage certain properties of those photons as quantum bits ("qubits") to execute computations. While classical computers process and store

D-Wave Debuts Lower Noise Version of Its 2000Q System

Quantum computing pioneer D-Wave Systems announced access to a lower noise version of its 2000Q system as part of its Leap quantum computing cloud service. The advance is part of an 18-month technology road-map detailed in February during which the company plans to introduce new underlying fab technology, reduced noise, increased connectivity, 5000-qubit processors, and an expanded toolset for creation of hybrid quantum-classical applications. D-Wave says the new noise reduct

5 Ways Quantum Computing Can Help Businesses

As traditional computing pushes the limits of what can be achieved through known manufacturing processes, quantum computing is still in its infancy. And still, quantum computing fills geeks with wonder, business people with uncertainty and encryption experts with fear. According to some estimates, the quantum computing industry will be worth about $5 billion by 2020, which means it will go from strength to strength over the next few years. So, how can businesses take advantag

Scientists Are Building a Quantum Computer That “Acts Like a Brain”

A new research project aims to harness the power of quantum computers to build a new type of neural network, work the researchers say could usher in the next generation of artificial intelligence. “My colleagues and I instead hope to build the first dedicated neural network computer, using the latest ‘quantum’ technology rather than AI software,” wrote Michael Hartmann, a professor at Heriot-Watt University who’s leading the research, in a new essay for The Conversation. “By

Mind-Boggling Facts About Quantum Computing

In a world where processing power is often a bottleneck, breaking the quantum barrier is expected to lead to huge benefits for businesses and society at large. Here are some of the key facts and statistics around quantum computing. 1. Quantum computing aims to take advantage of unusual properties that matter exhibits once we begin to study it at a level of detail below atomic level – the sub-atomic, or quantum level. 2. While conventional computer use binary “bits” (one and z

NASA and Rigetti Computing Sign Space Act Agreement For Collaboration on Prototype Quantum Computing

BACKGROUND: Previously, the only quantum hardware available was special-purpose quantum hardware, specifically D-Wave quantum annealers targeting optimization problems. Gate-model quantum computers are general-purpose quantum computers. Prototype gate-model quantum computing chips expand the potential applications we can explore on early quantum hardware beyond optimization, as well as enabling a broader array of quantum approaches to optimization. We expect gate-model quantu

Holographic Tech and Quantum Computers

A breakthrough in studying light might just be the ticket to the future of quantum computing. Researchers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have found a way to determine how light behaves beyond the limitations of wavelengths, opening the door to encoding quantum data in a sci-fi style holographic light pattern. The team took advantage of the quantum nature of the interaction between electrons and light to separate beams in terms energy, not space that let th

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