Scientists Confirm Promise Of Silicon For Quantum Computing

For the first time, researchers have measured the accuracy of two-qubit logic operations in silicon, an advance that may help develop full-scale quantum processor. All quantum computations can be made up of one-qubit operations and two-qubit operations, which are the central building blocks of quantum computing. In 2015, researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia were the first to build a quantum logic gate in silicon, making calculations between two

Honeywell Jumps Into Quantum Computing Race With Google and IBM

Honeywell International Inc. threw down the gauntlet to Google and IBM in the race to create a new kind of supercomputer, announcing its own breakthrough in the arcane world of quantum mechanics. “We have a very unique technology that we believe is as good or better than anything that’s out there today,” CEO Darius Adamczyk announced on May 14. The company pegs the potential market for quantum-computing technology at $50 billion. Ten years of quiet work lies behind the bold s

D-Wave Debuts Lower Noise Version of Its 2000Q System

Quantum computing pioneer D-Wave Systems announced access to a lower noise version of its 2000Q system as part of its Leap quantum computing cloud service. The advance is part of an 18-month technology road-map detailed in February during which the company plans to introduce new underlying fab technology, reduced noise, increased connectivity, 5000-qubit processors, and an expanded toolset for creation of hybrid quantum-classical applications. D-Wave says the new noise reduct

Quantum Cryptography Demystified

Quantum cryptography holds both promises and threats for our current cryptographic infrastructure. The most obvious threat is quantum computers could decrypt data that’s been encrypted using many of our current systems. But it also holds the promise of secure communications channels for key distribution. Eventually, using quantum technology, it may even be possible to build entire encryption systems that are considered unbreakable. Almost all widely used encryption systems re

NASA and Rigetti Computing Sign Space Act Agreement For Collaboration on Prototype Quantum Computing

BACKGROUND: Previously, the only quantum hardware available was special-purpose quantum hardware, specifically D-Wave quantum annealers targeting optimization problems. Gate-model quantum computers are general-purpose quantum computers. Prototype gate-model quantum computing chips expand the potential applications we can explore on early quantum hardware beyond optimization, as well as enabling a broader array of quantum approaches to optimization. We expect gate-model quantu